It’s Party Time

Date: Saturday 6th April
Time: 2.30-5pm
Venue: Martin Primary School, Plane Tree Walk, East Finchley N2 9JP

It’s going to be an Eggtastic Easter!

This year we are doing something different. Make your own fantastical egg mobile to race across the Martin’s Hall! The idea is to design something which will transport an egg the furthest distance possible. There are very strict rules – here – but your egg mobile can be as simple or complicated as you like as long as fits in with the rules. You could put the egg in something that rolls, use lego or similar to make a vehicle etc – the ideas are endless! Parents can help but it should be the children’s work. The ‘egg mobiles’ must be made at home.

There will be 3 categories of prizes –

– The egg mobile which travels the greatest distance
– The most beautifully decorated
– The most original design

We’ll also have our craft table for all things Eastery including Easter Bonnet making!

Afterwards we’re laying on our usual tasty spread with plenty of food. To keep our costs down, we’re asking everyone to please bring something to eat or drink for this tea buffet – preferably finger food that can be eaten without forks or spoons. Please mark what it is, and whether it contains nuts/meat or is suitable for vegetarians.

Please book in advance and let us know how many people are coming, and what you’ll be bringing – contact Esther Conway at northlondon@ndcsgroup.org.uk  by Monday 1st April.

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